AV industry's Genesis OH YU NA !
OH YU NA NFT will become the Genesis NFT in the AV area of WEB 3.0.


OMG!! OH YU NA finally appears in the Web 3.0 space!
YUNA is finally making her NFT debut.
I am so excited to meet the fans within the community!
Please support us through the journey!


Chapter. 1
[Ordinary girl]
An ordinary girl like most other people who love to decorate, seek out fun stuff and love to travel cool places and enjoy delicious food. A window appears to the eyes of a girl who is not particularly different to the others.
Chapter. 2
[Yes or No]
Under the phrase "Do you like it?" seen from the mysterious window in front of you, there are two options 'Yes or No'. At that moment, the girl's favorite foods, dramas, idols and travel destinations are being unfolded like a mirage and the choice is YeS !!
Chapter. 3
[Another world girl]
Although she does not know where this new world is, the girl's curiosity grows more than unfamiliarity.
A variety of beings, from strange-looking animals to robots and cartoon-like characters, they take a moment to look at the girl's appearance and then focus on their own works.
1. This place, which is not restricted by time and space, is not the reality.
2. Beings here move in their own way to do what they want to do.
The two situations the girl figured out within the place, the girl also understands what to do and thinks about what she likes.
Chapter. 4
[Magical girl]
At that time, various mysterious choices appear in the girl again, the things that the girl usually likes and wants to do are around the girl as if asking her to choose.
The girl enjoys this place, where she can be the main character in the drama, cheer at her favorite idol concert hall, and eat the food she usually wanted to eat.
The girl was like a magical girl.
Chapter. 5
[It's more fun to be together]
For a moment, the girl thinks of her friends and family and wants to spend a happy time together rather than alone.
It's more fun to be together than alone
Chapter. 6
[Do you like it, too?]
Most people live by enduring what they want to do.
There are many restrictions to doing everything you like, and there are a lot of things to do even if you don't want to.
To them, the girl prepares an invitation with an explanation of everything a girl likes, this new world without restrictions.
In the invitation, the phrase said, "Do you like it, too? Yes or No”



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1. AV NFT Marketplace

We wield a huge influence in the AV industry.
Numerous videos, photos, and manga are scheduled to enter the marketplace, with the goal of opening in December this year.
WE will present the AV industry in line with the Web 3.0 industry.
We can promise that we will spread our huge impact all over the world.

OH YU NA NFT holders, AV Marketplace special benefits

AV videos, photos, manga airdrop
(Video, photo, and manga owners generate revenue whenever a coin payment for their own video, photo, or manga occurs.)

Utilization of OH YU NA Coin

Using Launchpad, whitelists and airdrops will be granted to OH YU NA holders
(We have already signed contracts with famous IPs in Japan and Korea. We have prepared a lot.)

*Huge Announcement coming in December! We will keep you updated!

2. Party

We believe that there should be more offline benefits along with online benefits. We will strive to become the best NFT community and will make OH YU NA NFT the Golden membership in the AV industry.

  • Private party with Ogura Yuna
  • OH YU NA NFT holder meeting with Ogura Yuna
  • OH YU NA holders can apply for parties by random lottery or using OH YU NA tokens.
  • Visit AV filming site
  • Video meetups for OH YU NA NFT holders

3. Gifts

We will always do our best to increase the value of the community and we will always strive to grant our holders an awesome gift.

  • Ogura Yuna's collections (underwear, socks, clothes and her precious stuffs etc)
  • Adult products
  • Goods using OH YU NA NFT
  • Becoming a friend with Ogura Yuna
  • Trip to Japan with Ogura Yuna (making Korean and Japanese friends)

※ All roadmaps are only eligible for those who have been proved as an adult

4. Tokenomics(Mining)

OH YU NA NFT will become the Genesis of the AV NFT industry and the NFT holders will receive certain amount of tokens.

  • Tokens can be spent in the AV marketplace.
  • Tokens will be listed in CEX.
  • Tokens are not the investment product and loss may occur as well.

5. Metaverse

We will prepare for the upcoming metaverse world and OH YU NA NFTs will be used in a variety of metaverses.

  • Use as Metaverse Avatar
  • Use of AV contents within the Sandbox
  • Use IP within the game
  • OH YU NA as the singer

6. Entertainment

Our Ogura Yuna has always been admiring K-POP.
She has recently signed up with Korean Entertainment company and even though she is an AV actress, she could have a secondary character in the virtual world so pleases support her new dream.

  • K-POP Album production
  • Registration of online global music streaming site
  • New opening of Ogura Yuna NFT Youtube Channel

We will give another special benefit to those who purchase OH YU NA NFT!

  • People who minted OH YU NA NFT can mine tokens one month earlier than non-minted ones.
  • For those who purchase 5 or more, we will grant you private video or photo NFT.

    (Purchase in the secondary trading market is also eligible / Snapshot scheduled in 1-2 weeks after the minting / one is guaranteed per five NFTs)

  • For those who purchase 15 or more, we will give you AV gift box.
    The gift box is full of amazing stuff which is more than something you can ever imagine.

    (Purchase in the secondary trading market is also eligible / Snapshot scheduled 1-2 weeks after the minting / one is guaranteed per 15 NFts)

  • If you purchase 200 or more, we will give you Ogura Yuna Diamond Membership.
    More details about benefits will be announced later. The benefits will be beyond your imagination!

    (Purchase in the secondary trading market is also eligible / Snapshot scheduled 1-2 weeks after the minting)

  • Easter eggs are also hidden!


  • Name OH YU NA
  • DOB 1998/11/05
  • Height 155cm
  • Personality Honest person but I am a klutz!
  • Favorite Singer BLACKPINK
  • Favorite food Tteokbokki
  • What she hates the most Lies

Introduce and share what Ogura Yuna really loves, to people who love Ogura Yuna
(Anything that she likes in Korea and Japan)
(Ex) Yuna's favorite places in Japan, K-POP, Drama, Tteokbokki and Cosmetics etc)

twitter ?



Masaaki Wakahara

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37 years of experience in the AV industry

Makoto Oishi

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Adult Network Specialist Adult Commercial Planning Development Specialist


Adult Comics Content
Network Specialist


AV actress
Famous Youtuber

Ogura Yuna

K-Content Professional Production
and Platform Operator

DA Contents


  • Who is OH YU NA?
    A. OH YU NA is a metaverse NFT girl, a secondary character of Japanese actress Ogura Yuna who likes Korea. OH YU NA NFT is a project to share the joy of introducing and sharing her favorite Japanese and Korean music, dramas, fashion, beauty, travel destinations, and food to fans.
    Please enjoy a new experience with cute Yuna!
  • Why is OH YU NA the Genesis of the AV Actor NFT Project?
    OH YU NA is the first AV actress to debut on Metaverse.
    Many worldviews are planned in the future. Look forward to it!
  • Are there any benefits for holders as Genesis in the AV actor world?
    Yes, of course. OH YU NA NFT will have great advantages for AV NFT projects such as whitelist, airdrop, and marketplace.
  • Which blockchain will OH YU NA NFT use?
    Ethereum Chain
  • When is the Mint date and what is the maximum number of minting per transaction?
    🔸 Date: Wednesday, December
    7, 2022 21:00 (JST)
    🔸 Quantity: 10,000
    (Minting: 9300 / Team Quantity: 700)

    ⭐OHYUNA NFT Minting Details⭐

    ✅1st Public (Public)
    Time: Wednesday, December 7, 2022 21:00 (JST) - Separate anouncement to be made for the mintine end
    Quantity: 5800 NFTs
    Price: 0.08 eth
    (5 per transaction, unlimited per wallet)

    ✅2nd confirmed whitelist (OG)
    Time: Separate notice to be made
    Quantity: 1,000 NFTs
    Price: 0.04 eth
    (1 per transaction, 1 per wallet)

    ✅3rd Competition Whitelist (WL)
    Time: Separate notice to be made.
    Quantity: 2500 NFTs
    Price: 0.06 eth
    (2 per transaction, unlimited per wallet)

    * Team quantity will be used for marketing purposes!
    * Unsold quantities from the 2nd OG sale will be transferred to the 3rd competitive WL sale.
  • How can I get a whitelist?
    A. Whitelist can be obtained through activities and participation in various events in the OH YU NA community (Discord), and please refer to the upper right side of the OH YU NA official website for the link to the OH YU NA community.
  • Where is the marketplace for OH YU NA NFT?
    It will be listed on OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace.
    Link: https://opensea.io/
  • Can I use PFP image copyright?
    Permit arbitrary modification, secondary creation, and commercial use of OH YU NA NFT.
    Only ownership of each NFT is recognized by the NFT holder (if available)
    Arbitrary modifications, secondary creations, and commercial use of OH YU NA NFT works are prohibited.
    Only ownership of each NFT is recognized by NFT holders (if not available)
  • Is there a ranking and a rarity?
    Yes. The ranking search function will be opened on OH YU NA official website.
  • Can Oyuna's NFT worldview be expanded?
    Yes, More AV actors will be put into the worldview gradually.
    If NFTs are issued with actors' IPs, first of all, Oyuna NFT holders will be either granted with airdrop or WL Spots:)
    This is why Oyuna NFTs are called the Genesis project.
  • Does Ogura Yuna participate in the community and communicate?
    Yes. There will be time for holders to communicate with Ogura Yuna. We will notify the schedule through the announcement.
  • Will there be tokenomics? What's the schedule?
    Yes. It will be a token mining method through NFT.
    It's going to be used in various places to give a lot of benefits to the holders
  • What kind of space is a marketplace?
    The imagination of us going to Web 3, what will happen? (Secret)
    We have always been looking forward to it.
    There will be many benefits for OH YU NA NFT holders, so take the lead first!
  • Who owns AV Marketplace?
    It is a form of ownership by a developer located overseas.
    We have resolved a lot of legal issues as we proceed with contents provision contract.
  • Is it possible to authenticate as an adult in the AV Marketplace?
    We are working on a safety device that can authenticate adults, and we will suggest a safe and better dircetion.
  • What are your goals within the AV Marketplace?
    I believe the adult industry will last forever.
    If this market is made soundly and safely with the goal of eradicating prostitution and AIDS,
    I think we can make a brilliant platform like Netflix.
  • What are the contents in the AV Marketplace?
    Video streaming, AV NFT auction, launchpad, virtual sex platform, casino, sales of personal collections of AV actors, sales of adult products, ownership NFTs for copyrighted works, etc. More features will be added to the marketplace gradually.
    The money in the ecosystem will be used with Oyuna Coin (This is tentative name)